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Oppression Continues to Rear Its Ugly Head November 30, 2009

The Swiss opinion of immigration

Swiss voters passed a constitutional ban on the new construction of mosque minarets. Not any other religious symbols. Just the minaret. Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation, a British youth organization, said it best. “It’s a sad day for freedom of religion,” said Shafiq, “A constitutional amendment that’s targeted towards one religious community is discriminatory and abhorrent.”

The People’s Party, the sponsoring group of this referendum, has also produced anti-immigration posters such as the one on the right, which I think pretty clearly shows their opinion of…well, anyone that does look (or act) just like them and another showing brown hands reaching for Swiss passports. I am appalled but honestly, not surprised. It seems to be human nature to reject those who are not like us or those we don’t understand or those we disagree with. To reject and discriminate. The People’s Party actions are discriminatory and abhorrent.

Discriminatory and abhorrent.


Inspired by a new friend February 6, 2009

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I have made some new friends here in Germany (I hope I can be so forward as to call them friends…I’ve only just met most of them) and one inspired me today. She is an artist and blogs here at wordpress. Last month she took part in a challenge. A 31 day, art journal challenge and posted her results on her blog. I was very impressed with her work and felt inspired to make something that expressed how I was feeling. So I made this…

The feeling of the day is...Bleh

The feeling of the day is...Bleh

The back reads, “A little art journaling to go with a “Bleh” day. Israel’s feeling poorly, Jael’s crazy, I got an “eh” hair cut. Restless and bored feeling. A “Bleh” day. So I made a pretty!”

And that about sums it up. This was done in my sketch pad, 5.5 X 8.5 inches, with a black Uniball, mirco point pen. I love those pens. I think I might have used this one up though. Oops. Sorry Israel. (They are his favorite pens too and I have only recently started using them and so they still feel like they are “his,” you know?)

Anyway, it was fun to do and I used some techniques Sheri taught the kids in Art Class on Thursday. We did something called “Zen Tangles” (correct me if I got the name wrong) and that was the inspiration for the design of “Bleh.”

Other than that, life’s going. I’m in the middle of an internet argument which is always pointless and heartburn causing. My aunt posted a “letter” on Facebook. It’s written as though the Republicans/conservatives were writing a divorce letter to the Democrats/liberals and were deciding how to divide the country. The Right gets the guns, military, NRA, cops, etc. The Left can “keep your precious homeless, hippies, homeboys, and illegal aliens.”

The Right keeps their gas guzzling SUV’s and full size sedans and the Left gets Micheal Moore, Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah (if they can find a bio-diesel vehicle large enough to fit them into).

There was a lot more but these were the two things I chose to comment on. First off, my aunt is a Christian and knows her Bible. So I simply suggested that the “libs” take the verses from the Old Testament that commanded the government take care of the poor and the alien. I explained that bio-diesel would run in any normal diesel engine so a normal semi ought to be large enough to fit their fat butts into…since the left has such a corner on fatties. (That last line might have been a little harsh but come one. Everyone’s got fat people on their side. Are skinny people the only one’s allowed to have an opinion? I mean, what if they other side notices that your spokesperson is fat? OH NO!)

So then some guy is like, “bio-diesel sucks. Truckers hate it. What’s wrong with good old oil? Illigal aliens are rapists and murders and job stealers. They don’t pay taxes but we have to pay for their medical bills etc, etc.”

Oh, and my aunt said, “Lighten up, Becky. It’s just a joke.” Yeah, I’ll bet the homeless would laugh their asses off if you read it to them.

I responded (which I probably shouldn’t have but dang it, the guy was an idiot) and said that oil has become a dirty word because it’s a non-renewable resource and when it’s gone, it’s gone so if there are alternatives, let’s use them. We need oil for other petroleum based things like fertilizer. We CANNOT produce our current level of food without petro-chemical fertilizers. I also suggested he check his sources before saying illegals are rapists and murders and informed him that many of them pay taxes but are unable to recieve any benefit from them.

And then I said, “I don’t think this letter was funny. I think it was rude and mean-spirited…The Church should be taking care of the poor but she’s not. When God gave his nation his law he included in the civil law rules for caring for the poor. If you are going to pick and choose which parts of the Bible you are going to follow, choose love, not hate.” Or something very similar to that at least.

So I don’t know. I probably just started a flame war on my Aunt’s page. I wish I felt bad but I don’t. She posted something mean and ill-thought out and I simply pointed out the flaws in it. Of course, no one will change. We humans, we are opposed to change. Changing is the hardest thing any of us ever do.*sigh*

Maybe that’s why I change hobbies so much. That way it never hurts!

Anyway, Life goes on.


Update from Deutschland September 23, 2008

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So I am writing these regular updates to friends and family. I think I will post them here as well. Yup. I’m that lazy.

Gutentag! (Good day)

I hope everyone can forgive me, but there is so much to tell everyone that it’s much easier to write group emails and address the specific questions and such within. I hope no one feels slighted. I would like to respond to each email personally but I just don’t have the time or eye power to stare at the computer for so long. That and I would tire of telling the same stories over and over and someone would end up with:

“Have jet lag. Haven’t found house yet. Scenery is beautiful. Sorry about you being sick. Hope work starts going better. Talk to you later.”

And I don’t think anyone wants that letter. So, having said that, here’s the news with some personal notes at the end. Feel free to read everyone’s notes…I won’t put anything personal or private in a group letter. I may be kind of spacey but I’m not quite so spacey or tactless as that!

I met some other wives with their kids today. Jael and I happened to be at the park when another mom and her two kids got there. The kids played together for a while and then she invited me to a playgroup that meets on Tuesdays from ten to noon in the playroom in the TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility) basement. So we did that for an hour or so and then Jael asked to go home. She was feeling tired, what with getting up at 2am and all. 🙂

Anyway, I picked their brains, asking all sorts of questions. Simple things like phone service are complicated here. I’m afraid we might end up with DSL internet. 😦 I’d never used DSL before. Before we had cable internet, I’d used dial-up at home and cable or wireless at the libraries. Our room in TLF at Keesler had DSL and it was sooooooo slow compared to cable. Unfortunately, a lot of the small towns around here do not have cable internet. I guess we’ll adjust but if there are two houses available and one has access to cable internet, I imagine we’ll take it. The internet is our connection to the world, you know?

Oh, and there is a phone company here called TSK and they were running, Melloney was unsure if they still were, a special that you could choose one country that it would be free for you to call. Guess which country I would choose? If we do that, we will have to do the calling!!

The time difference. Just add seven hours to your time. If it’s noon for your, it’s 7 pm for us. If it’s 7 pm for you, it’s 2 am for us and, please, don’t call. 🙂 I’d say it’s safe for you to call from about 11 pm your time until about 3 pm your time. So in the middle of the night, early morning, naptime (for those of you with kids), and right before my dad gets home are good times to call. Weird isn’t it?

Israel doesn’t start work for a couple of weeks but he doesn’t have the day off. He should really get a couple off to get over Jet Lag (and I think it should be capitalized). He’s going to “Welcome to Germany” briefings all day. Fun. Tomorrow I will go with him as it’s more community minded things and less military. Then on Friday we should be going on a tour of Trier, the oldest city in Germany and boat tour. Hopefully. Maybe we’ll even have that new digital camera!

I’ve had a few people ask where in Germany we are. I wish I knew. Ha ha. No seriously. It seems very complicated. The US has such neat lines between the states that it seems much easier. Spangdahlem Air Base is located near the small town of Spangdahlem with larger cities Bitburg and Trier nearby. It is in the Eifel Mountain region in southwestern Germany near the border of Luxembourg. Trier, the oldest city in Germany, is twenty minutes from Spangdahlem. The Mosel River, with its picturesque villages and famous wines, flows nearby. Don’t know if that helps but there you are.