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About LadyRebecca January 2, 2008

When presented with the opportunity to talk about myself in a situation like this, I always feel a bit overwhelmed. How does one describe one’s self outside of any context?

Do I tell you my life story? “I was born in January, on a cold and…” Bleh.

Do I tell you about my marital status and family? “I am married to a wonderful man. We have a beautiful daughter.” That information is readily available if you read my blogs so why waste time with it here?

Should I label myself based on something I feel strongly about? Which do I choose? Which label, if any fits me? I am a libertarian/liberal/conservative. Based on a world view test I took last night, I’m a Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker. I believe in freedom and personal responsibility and so I think marijuana should be legalized and that murderers and rapists should be killed. I love home birth and think most doctors are evil and should be consulted as a last resort. I believe infant formula should be available by prescription only. I don’t understand people who call themselves Christian or any other religious label but don’t follow their own holy book. I think homeschooling is the best way for kids to learn and I will fight for the right to homeschool my daughter but I think U.S. citizens should have to pass a high school equivalence test before they are allowed to vote. I believe we have a duty to care for the earth and her environment but I don’t believe the government should be the ones to enforce eco-friendly measures. I believe in capitalism but also believe it must be constrained so as not to result in slavery and cannibalism.

Labels don’t really work for me. I’m a freedom loving, liberal, communist, hippie, homeschooling, homebirthing, federalist, environmentalist, capitalist, “secular humanist worldview thinker.” I’m a contradiction at every turn. The only way I make sense is if you fully understand me and that is simply not going to happen from a little page titled “About Me.”

So, if you want to get to know me, read my blogs. Read the people I’ve got on my blogroll. Truthwalker, Israel Walker, is my husband and while we don’t agree on everything, we are of a like mind. My sister, sister-in-law and many good friends are there. Read and enjoy!


4 Responses to “About LadyRebecca”

  1. Just wanted to tell you, I enjoy your blog! I am also a military wife with a daughter. I find it to be a very good read.

  2. Jodi Says:


    I came across your postings on Maison D’Orleans in a google search and was curious about the current situation. I am moving from Minnesota to Biloxi near the begining of June and am a little intimidated by some of the poor reviews of the apartment complex! I’m a recent graduate, 22 years old, and will be working full time at a local architecture firm. I’m not in the military, so hopefully I won’t encounter some of the issues you’ve had, but do you have any words of wisdom or advice about how to avoid leasing issues and enjoy my residency at Maison? Hopefully things have changed in the past few months, I look forward to hearing from you!


  3. Fernando Says:

    Dear Rebecca,

    I’m a college student, an aspiring programmer, an animation fan, a sports lover, a guitar player, a Honduran-American, a being who loves his friends and family.

    And I’m a convert to Christianity. I’m a Mormon.

    I believe that Jesus is the Christ, and state that He lived, suffered, died, and then rose on the third day. I cannot deny the witness I have received concerning this truth. I am a man who converted to Christianity after years of carnality that bounded me to my selfish, natural instincts. I lived in darkness, and now have light in me. I now strive to live a Christlike life, doing good to all men and women, and keeping the standards of morality based on my religion. The Lord truly blesses those who come unto Him. I have learned for myself that atheism is not true, and I am willing to die for my beliefs. I have joy in Christ.

    Now I ask you some questions:

    What exactly do you want? Where do you see yourself in the future? What exactly do you expect to gain out of this life?

    Do you believe that I’m an idiot, deranged, stupid or otherwise inferior to you for my conversion and having different beliefs and morals than you?

    Don’t be afraid to answer me. My e-mail is I look forward to your answer.

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